Yeti & Iron Monk battle…

Yeti & Iron Monk battle…

Yeti & Iron Monk battle…

Yeti & Iron Monk battle…

So I went out with some buds to have a few beers a while back.  Went to the best Beer Bar in OK, McNellie’s South City.  See my post/review of McNellie’s posted earlier.  Also see my review of the Belhaven Black Scottish Stout I had that night.  When I got there it Stout Night was in play.

Dark and Roasty Drafts

Dark Beers on Draft at McNellies, 3/2016

I sent a picture of the On Draft Dark and Roasty beers to my buddy Bill who lives in the Burgh.  Asked him his thoughts on what to drink.  His first reply was the Yeti then Narwal, and Lagunitas.  So I went with the Yeti Imperial Stout and was not disappointed.  I figured I would circle back around to either the Narwal or one of the Lagunitas but that was not to happen… I wish I had remembered his suggestions.

Yeti Imperial Stout, CO, ABV 9.5%

The Yeti is how I like my stouts.  Dark, rich, with a hint of burnt malt and ends with a touch of sweet.  It also has a great nose and good strong bitter finish from the hops.  It had a good amount of carbonation that helped to relay the nose and give a bite to the flavor.

Yeti Stout

Yeti Imperial Stout, 9.5%

At ABV of 9.5% it will knock you on your tail if you were to drink a pint or more (yeah I have been to places where this happens).  Luckily on this night it was not served in a pint, but a smaller glass befitting its strength. It has IBUs of 75 so there is a good amount of bitter.

The Yeti has won a number of beer awards over the years and has stood the test of time.  I really enjoyed the Yeti and will drink it again. This is a beer that will go well with a nicely seasoned/seared/grilled chunk of beef.

I probably should have waited to have the high ABV  & bitter beer for the last beer of the night or I should have listened to my buddy Bill and had one of his other suggestions.  Instead I wanted to try a more local brew.  Looking at the list I had already had the Prairie Artisan Ales Bomb, ABV 13%.  Try drinking a couple pints of those in a night… remember I said something about that earlier.  So I went with the Iron Monk Milk Stout figuring to find something smoother and creamier to finish the night.

I would give the Yeti Imperial Stout a 4.5+ out of a 5.  I believe I need to drink a lot more of it to make certain of that ranking.

Iron Monk Milk Stout, OK, ABV 6%

Iron Monk Milk Stout

Iron Monk Milk Stout, OK

So my third and last beer of the eventing was the Iron Monk Milk Stout.  I went with the Milk Stout thinking about a smoother/creamier beer that would have more of a dessert finish for the night.  At 6% ABV it is a good beer, relative to the finish you off at night, if you had not been drinking a heavier beer before.  I am glad I didn’t drink one of the other high alcohol brews as I am not sure I would have been safe to get home, but still wish I had switched the two up in order.  The milk stout has IBUs of 26.  I did not find it bitter, but for some I am sure it would be.

It was a sweet and creamy beer that to me did not have much of a nose.  As I said earlier I did not find it bitter at all.  There was a touch of burnt or chocolate malt, mild hops.  The bit of nose detected was pleasant.

We got to talking around the table and it gave the beer time to warm up a little.  This helped to bring out the flavor and nose more and made it a much more enjoyable drink in the end.  A good finish to the end of the night.

Overall I would give it a 3.5 out of a 5.  It is definitely worth the drink and I will probably drink it again since it is local.  I hope to get out to Stillwater and visit the Iron Monk Brewery, est. 2014.


I liked both beers.  The Yeti was a better beer overall for my tastes, but I have been on a bit of an IPA kick over the past couple of years.  The Iron Monk Stout did deliver on what I wanted out of it.  I want to get out see the Iron Monk Brewery and try their IPA soon.  So now it is off to the next bar/beer to Sit Back, Relax and have ABigBeer.

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