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Cooking is a necessity for us all. Granted it is not required that everyone cooks, but it is required that everyone eat. Unless you are some mighty guru surviving off of air.  If so we pretty much doubt that you are reading this blog anyway.  If you are great.  We would love your thoughts on life, food and everything (especially beer).  So for the rest of us it means you cook or someone is cooking for you. In this blog we plan on presenting those recipes that are considered by us as “College Kid Trashy Food” or by many others “White Trash Cooking” or “Down Home Cooking.”  It just depends on how you want to view it for yourself.

You know the meals we are talking about.  The guilty pleasure meals that you wouldn’t tell anyone you cook, but cook 1 to 2 times a month. Those fall-back meals that get you through a night of, “I just don’t want to be cooking again.”  Or those single leftover lunches that add a little more than just reheat.  Mostly meals with few steps to complete and mostly single pot.  To tell the truth I wanted to write a college “survival” & cookbook from when I went back to Grad School 25 plus years ago.  Life just got in the way until now.  So there may be some other survival techniques in this beyond cooking. If they are still relevant.

Don’t get me wrong.  We will also post up some more traditional and maybe even finer dining recipes as we experience/cook those.  Maybe even a Drink or Homebrew Beer Recipe as we enjoy a libation.  This blog is dedicated to the stuff we put in our mouths for sustenance.

These are not solely going to be recipes that use beer in the cooking. Not that we are opposed to that.  As a matter of fact we expect to have some of those and many recipes are expected to go well with beer.  What doesn’t go well with beer?  Especially today’s vast variety of beer.

So relax, sit back, have A Big Beer and enjoy some reading.  We hope that you find something that will spark your interest enough to cook and especially enough to comment and share.

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