Welcome to the Life Blog…

To steal from a popular book I read many decades ago this category is about Life, the Universe, and Everything or 42 for those in the know.  So don’t be surprised if there is personal information relayed here or just general venting of frustrations about how the universe has treated one of the authors that day.

This is for those posts that come up because when the thought hits you and it just has to be shared with the world. Does it have a call to action?  Does it leave the reader wondering what happened?  Does it answer deep seated conundrums of the human psyche?  I don’t know, maybe and maybe even more.

There may even be answers to the larger questions of the universe, Politics, Religion, & the Weather.  We all know those are the most important things to us all.  The posts are hoped to bring some clarity to Life, the Universe, and Everything and maybe even some smiles to your face.

So when you come home and the dog starts barking at you in your own home or the cats all want to be fed and you just don’t want to put up with them… Yeah, that happened today.  No matter what your “cats & dogs” are then you can retreat here to listen to us wax poetically on similar feelings and do our own complaining.  Join in to the conversation and let your voice be heard over the screams of the pressures in our lives.

When we finish here we will sit back, relax and have ABigBeer.

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