Coop Ale Works’ DNR – Belgian 4/5

Stopped into Rock & Brews (see review here) in “The City”, Oklahoma City, to grab a couple of beers and dinner with a friend.  The first beer I actually got to the table was Black Mesa’ Los Naranjos (Coffee Stout, see review) and the second, and subject of this review, was Coop Ale Works’ DNR.  The DNR is a Belgian Dark Ale.

From the Brewer

Belgian Dark Ale
Coop DNR

Coop-Cans-2“This Belgian-style dark ale is the culmination of central and western European malts, Noble hops, candy sugar and a traditional Trappist yeast.  Notes of dried fruit, cinnamon and vanilla make DNR a very complex experience to be enjoyed in moderation.”

ABV 10.0%
IBU 30
SRM 22  (Color Intensity)



Some things are out of range for a Belgian Dark Ale (ABV specifically) for this beer but overall that sweet, fruity, sweet taste with a touch of sour/tangy finish was there for me.  I know that may not match what many say about how sweet this beer is, but for me the Trappist yeast really came through reminding me a bit of sour/saison taste.  That, to me, was the Belgian style coming through.  The ABV throws off a lot of the traditional classifications of this beer, but that is one thing that makes it unique.  The head/carbonation from the draft unfortunately did not last through the drinking.  The nose was definitely malty with the yeast undertones.  Part of the finish was a strong vanilla taste that did finish sweet.


If you can’t tell yet, I like getting local craft brewery beers when available on tap.  That being said Coop Ale Works is one of the better and more consistent breweries in the area and well worth drinking.  I really like the DNR, perhaps because it was after dinner and a dessert, and I could see drinking it in moderation.  At an ABV of 10% you will need to drink it in moderation. Overall rating of 4 out of 5 for me.  Others may not like it this much because of the sweet with a touch of sour taste.

So sit back, relax and have ABigBeer.

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