Small Blessings… Turn a shitty day around!

Tuesday is a Monday…

Today started out the typical Tuesday after a holiday weekend…  Blah. Why?  Well multiple reasons:

  1. Holidays don’t mean anything to me at the moment.  I need to get back to work at something.
  2. Didn’t take advantage of the long weekend… Well since I am not working it really doesn’t matter.
  3. Dropped my son off at Church on Monday afternoon for him to go to camp for the week.  Miss him already and do all the time.
  4. First time in a while felt like going to the gym…  UGH, have to make myself go again.  Didn’t really feel like it.  Just didn’t have an excuse to not go.  Having been sick for a week or so and a holiday to skip it too.
  5. My son was not here to take care of animals in the morning.  (routine)
  6. Putting off stuff that needs done.  I have stuff that must be done today.  I will get to it, I will.

So when I look at the list, and think about it as far as being bitchy on things, I really didn’t have anything to bitch about except for needing to go back to work and having my routine changed.  I hate having my routine upset.  I am one of those type of guys that just don’t like days changing on me.  Sometimes I would like for weekends to not exist.  That things would be the say everyday, day-in & day-out.  Not that I don’t get the urge to get out of a rut, just most of the time make it the same.

Other hateful things…

Today I did finally get up and around, despite all the thing making me want to just say no.  I ended up getting a few blessing out of it too.  So what were the small blessings that made the day?  In a bit, first off let’s discuss some things that are happening with friends I have talked to today.

  1. Didn’t have to go to the DMV to get a new license from losing one.
  2. Didn’t have to mess with and get frustrated with employees or service companies for a business.
  3. Didn’t have to go to a doctor for a surgical follow-up.
  4. Didn’t have to get bitched at from a boss for dropping the ball.

I didn’t have any of those things hit me today.  That is a blessing.  Yes I have had all of those things happen to me in the past too.  I did have friends that had them happen today.  Yep, talked to them and realized, even though they are all pain in the ass things in the big scheme, not so bad.  Not when something really bad could have happened.


What were my blessings?  Even if they are minor they are still things that make the day tolerable.

  1. Gym – I did get there and work out.  Had I lost a step from being off for over a week, yes (Hey, I can’t have the glass wholly full).  Will I get up tomorrow and do it again.  I hope so, maybe.
  2. Tacos – It is Tuesday after all.  The local taco Tex-Mex chain fast food restaurant has a Taco Platter special.  Got there, ordered, got the special and for some reason got an extra 10% off the check.  Does anyone know what LSM means on a point-of-sale check?  It is probably some old man thing.
  3. Writing a post – Actually a couple.  One is getting ready for the Saturday Fiction post and this one.
  4. Not cooking – leftovers  (got some pizza with my name on it, as long as the roomie has not eaten it)
  5. Beer – Planning on drinking one or two with the leftovers tonight.  They will probably spur some more writing for the blog so also a win.

Wrap Up

So overall, even though it is not an even day, it is not a bad day either.  Which would put it on the good side, a little bit.  I have not done the things I have to do yet.  I have not had a business deal I am trying to get finished wrapped up yet (hope soon).  Yet, the day is still on the positive side.

So why write this up if the day is just a little on the good side?  It was actually the extra 10% off at the taco joint that got me to thinking how no day is all bad.  I know there are some days that are just down right horrible.  I have had more than one and am still standing here.  Still plugging away Day-in-Day-out.  I don’t plan on doing anything other than that for a long time.  Like I said, I hate change, LOL.  Don’t discount any day you have as a bad one.  They all have ups and downs, your attitude can make many of the things in the day either up or down.  The normal can be great to some and down to others.  To me, a pessimist at heart, I take the up days every chance I can get.  So even though I know there are still a couple of things I have yet to do today that will be a pain, I will still get them done and not let them damper my mood today.

As far as I am concerned my big win was getting this blog post DONE after having been off for a week from being sick and living life.  So I am keeping the days WINS in the forefront of the day and not letting the bad have anymore time than it takes to deal with them.  They are gone.  I am going to try to do this more often.

So relax, sit back, and have ABigBeer, make your day better with the little things.  They add up.

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