Pizza (Pepperoni) Roll-ups… Easy Dinner

Years ago a large pizza chain introduced some pepperoni-pizza inspired rolled-up snacks.  Those were a big hit around the house, but they went away after a while.  They have resurfaced off and on over the years by that chain and other delivery pizza places, but they have not been consistently on the menu.  I also don’t think they were as good as what we could do at home.  So after they first disappeared we took our hand a making some ourselves.  They ended up being larger rolls than the commercially sold ones so they are more suited for a meal than appetizer.

The Ingredients

ingred 1ingred 2Here is what I used for this particular meal.  If you have read my other posts you realize a lot of what used is what is at hand.

  • Corn Meal
  • Pizza Sauce, 1 small jar
  • Pepperoni Slices, 6 oz
  • Mozzarella Cheese
  • Cooking Spray
  • 2 Pre-made Pizza Doughs Uncooked (or bread sticks, or other rolls, or croissants, from a cardboard pop-open refrigerated tube)

Other Ingredients

It is pizza… So anything you would put on pizza would work here. Don’t forget to add some extra spices if you would like.  Also if you used other meats be sure to pre-cook them.  I would probably par-cook some veggies if you are going to use them than putting on raw.


What I used…

  • Cutting Board
  • Dough Roller
  • Knife
  • Muffin Tin


First prep the cutting board.  I have a large enough one to stretch the dough out on.  If you don’t then you may want to use the back of a 1/2 sheet pan or the kitchen counter.  No matter what you use for the surface to roll out the dough on, you will want to spread a little flower/corn meal out on the surface first.  It will make it easier to roll up the dough later.

Roll out the dough from the refrigerated tube and stretch it out to the desired thickness (see pictures below for steps described).  For me I like to go ahead and take it out to a hand tossed type of thickness.  Not thin crust but definitely not thick.  Once rolled out go ahead and cut the dough into strips as shown in the pictures (short strips).  I cut a single pizza dough into 6 strip.  I am using a 12 muffin tin for the cooking so went for 6 rolls per pizza dough.

Then comes the fun of building the pizza layers.  Add the sauce to the strips, add ingredients (pepperoni was what I put on this time and 6 slices per strip), and finish topping the pepperoni with the cheese.  I don’t really put on a lot of cheese because we are rolling them up and it was not needed.

Using cooking spray coat the muffin tin well.  Do not forget to do this.  Then roll up the dough strips creating a cinnamon roll type of effect.  Place each in a muffin tin. If you want to add a little cheese to the top before baking go for it.  I have thought about doing these like a cinnamon roll.  Going ahead and building the full pizza, rolling it up, and then cutting the individual rolls to place in the muffin tin.  If someone does this and it is easier please put in the comments.

You may wonder why I use a muffin tin and not stacking them side by side in a baking pan.  Well for me I like the crust crispy on the outside of the rolls.  It is a preference.  When we first did this we did use a baking pan.  It made it harder to get out of the pan.  The crust, where they were touching, would stick together and not be crispy.  Using the muffin tin also makes serving easier.

Finally cook for the time directed on the dough or until they are golden brown.

doughdough cutsaucedready to rollrolled


Pizza!!!!  What ever you put on pizza will work on these.  Also dipping sauces work great with these.


The 12 made this evening were enough to feed 4 of us.  As it should, after all it was two pizzas.  At one time we submitted this as a Pillsbury cook-off recipe using their bread sticks.  They were easy to use, roll-out, and portion size control.  I would have probably used them this time, but could not find them at the store.  I don’t even know if they exist any more.

Update (3/10/2017)

Still making these as a quick dinner.  Last night I ended up using spaghetti sauce instead of pizza sauce.  Necessity/Invention, etc. but not a large stretch to tell you the truth.  What I did before adding the sauce was sprinkle some granulated garlic and crushed oregano directly on the dough before adding the sauce.  Added a unique flavor.  I think I would do less oregano that what I did and maybe used minced garlic instead but will definately do again.

So sit back, relax and have ABigBeer with your pizza roll-ups.  Enjoy!

Please let us know what you think or post comment below:

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