Why Cook? – Mark

Mark’s thoughts on cooking…

I ran home to have lunch from the office. (I talked a friend into letting me have a desk at his shop. It gets me out of the house and forces me to be a productive on various projects.)  Why did I run home and fix lunch vs. eating out?  Besides the monetary cost, there is the cost to my health that I am trying to combat.  I really don’t like eating out anymore.  For years, and I mean YEARS, my son and I ate out 19+ meals a week.  Think about that for a minute.  We ate out for everything and mostly fast-food.  It was horrible for us both.  Not that you could tell it on a growing boy who is skinny (but healthy) all the time anyway.  On me it is a whole other story.  I can breath in a fast food joint and gain weight.

The Past

There are reasons why we ate like this for years.  Mainly it had to do with work.  I was constantly in a rush to be at work and I wouldn’t leave it once there.  So I ended up just grabbing us fast food or ordering pizza.  There literally was only the time we had to eat and no time to cook available in the morning or night.  It was probably a bit of an excuse also.  It was the two of us and I was trying to do not only the work required of me, but also keep him fully engaged in what I thought was a normal life.  How could life be normal though with the situation we were in.  It was our kind of normal and to many out there it is their kind of normal too.  It was not a traditional normal kind of home life and I didn’t want to leave him with that idea of existence as “Normal”.  We do what we have to do on the things we believe are the most important things in our lives.  This is what being an adult is about. Changes had to happen and they did.  So…

The New Reality

I sold my part of my company back to my partners and I suddenly had the time to shop and cook.  As I said earlier I hadn’t cooked for years.  I did back in college so most of my cooking dealt with opening boxes or assembling foods in strange and unique ways.  Better for us than eating out, but subjective on what people may call cooking.  I don’t do a lot of fancy meals and usually combine prepared food, as instructed, to make a meal.  I am fully self-taught.  Believe me when I say that I cook what we like and eat those meals often.  I try to branch out every once in a while and will try to post both the success and failures as they occur.  I still have a picky kid that will mostly not eat anything that starts with the letter “V” (Vegetable).   So a lot of one pot meals.

The Take Away

If you read the first post in this category, Welcome to Cooking Blog, you will see that we will probably stick to this type of cooking.  Easy things that are not fancy.  Things that are not the best for you… Not looking to do an eating light or healthy thing here.  But better for you than fast food.  Things that we hope you will like and maybe new ways to feed you and your family.


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