Prairie Brewpub… So Glad to See Ya!

I had a quick business meeting with some old friends/business partners and suggested we meet at the Prairie Artisan Ales‘ Brewpub.  The Brewpub had recently opened and having seen some articles from the local paper and posts on Facebook I knew that I needed to get there soon… Yes, needed, as in an imperative.

(Went back the other night with a friend.  There were some updates so see below.)


The Brewpub is located in the Brady District of Downtown Tulsa area.  It is great having more options such as this in Tulsa and especially in an area with a number of entertainment and dining options.  Helping to make the Brady District a destination.

Specifically the Brewpub is located across the street from the Vanguard and Hunt Clubs and down the street from Cain’s Ballroom.  What I would consider the middle the busiest part of the downtown entertainment district, with the Old Lady on Brady to the West and the Drillers’ Ballpark to the East.  Specifically it is located at:

223 N Main Street
Tulsa, OK
(918) 936-4395


There are laws being changed in Oklahoma and that also means changes to how breweries can sell their beer on site/cold.  So once those laws go into effect we should see the full Brewpub up and running and have more options. We hope that Growlers will be filled on site also. I know mine is needs to be filled soon. I may just have to run across the river to the Brewery to get it done.  The brewing is getting set up on the south side of the space.

In addition, the Brewpub in a grand fashion has food.  There are options of traditional bar food and even some selections from another notable restaurant in town, Burn Co Ribs.  We had the chicken cheese fries and they had a nice spicy bite to them.  Very Good suggestion from our server Andi.  She did a great job taking care of all of her customers.

Atmosphere & Taps…

PB Inside2The center piece of the bar is the Huge Barrel housing customized taps with the bar surrounding it.

Multiple areas in and around the bar are available for you or your group:

  1. Bar Area – The bar where you can sit and a few long/tall tables that accommodate large or multiple parties.
  2. Dining area North of the bar.  Table service for the food menu, most of the tables 4 tops.
  3. PB Inside1More intimate seating area around the fireplace south of the bar.  Reminiscent of a coffee-house seating with couches and stuffed chairs.
  4. To the south of the building is an outside bier garden between the buildings.  Well done but with the heat of OK it will probably only be populated on cool night.
  5. Meeting Room on the north side.  A glass room like a fishbowl.  Visible from the street.  Would be a good place for a meeting.  Missed this the first time. (update)

This is not a dive bar, it is a brewpub and as such is clean and crisp. It does not have the feel of an old warehouse building redone into a bar/brewpub.  There are more pictures on their Facebook page (excuse me for grabbing a couple to use here).


What I found unique about the brewpub was that they had other regional craft beer options available on tap.  Did I drink any of them?  No, stuck with Prairie this visit but may in future visits.  I only had 2 beers on this trip.  It was for a business meeting after all:

The most up to date draft menu is posted to a couple of chalk board areas on either side of the bar.  Use these to make sure a beer is available off of the provided paper menus.

Beer BoardBeer Menu1Beer Menu2







Knowing that Prairie does their experimentation and beer development across the river, at their Brewery, and most of their major production at other facilities, I am really looking forward to see if they do some small batch experimentation at this site in the future.  I would love to have a chance to taste and critique a small barrel batch of an experimental brew someday.  (If anyone knows the size of the system being installed please let us know in the comments.)

Update, Flights:  On the first trip they did not have flights of beers.  On our second visit they had just started them that night, essentially while we were sitting at the bar.  If you want to do some tasting this would be the way to go.  Here is their flight menu:

PAA Flights


GO… Go often and enjoy the quality beer, food, and atmosphere at this brewpub.  This is going to be a place that will definitely be a destination to visit when visiting the district for a night of concerts, craft beer, dining, vodka, etc…  I believe it will only get better with time.

So sit back, relax and drink ABigBeer at the Brewpub.

Please give us your thoughts in the comments below or send us some feedback.

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The Fur Shop, Tulsa…

Got a text at the end of the day on Friday and a good/best friend was wanting a drink.  I stirred us towards The Fur Shop in downtown Tulsa.  It is the closest thing to a full-blown craft beer DIVE bar I have been to in Tulsa.  If you have others you would like to suggest please post a comment below.

The Past…

The Fur Shop historically (see Tulsa World article) was a hard-drinking, big party, live venue bar.  I have been told stories of block parties setup around the bar with outdoor stages.  It was all during a time when I was outside of that scene so unfortunately I do not have tails to tell.  Others tell stories of the multitude of festival like weekends, hosting of bands, and other entertainment goings-on happening around the site and sponsored by the bar.


FurShopSignThe Fur Shop name reopened a couple of years ago.  The sign had been left in the basement during past reincarnations so it was resurrected.  The focus was to have ongoing live bands again and they have managed to continue in that arena.  I don’t think they have been able to get back the past atmosphere (the bar’s surroundings have changed), but they have added a few new things to the mix, mainly a Craft Beer Focus.  The bar has dedicated its beer selection to local and regional craft brews.  Not all beers are of this flavor, but a large percentage. So for the dive bar/craft beer lovers this is a place to go hang out.

The bar does have three stages used for various types of bands.  The first is indoors to the right of the front door when entering and works for small bands on a compact stage.  The second is a small upstairs area more attuned to the quiet ensemble/duet. Lastly is the outdoor stage in an open space behind the bar.  It provides an open air festival atmosphere for when a band is playing.

On a typical day there are multiple areas in the bar open for drinking.  Many times there is only 1 person working so no table service.  The drinking areas include:

  • The Bar Area
  • Tables on first floor
  • Upstairs that is usually nice and quiet, good for an informal meeting
  • Outback in Beer Garden

No food but the Lone Wolf Banh Mi (see article or look up on Google) food truck has made the front of the bar home for the past year or so.


The Fur Shop has recently been keeping its Facebook page (click here) current with new events, new beers, and tasting events.  If you are looking for something different from a regional brewery I would suggest looking or asking there.  On Friday I had the following beers (drafts) over the hours sitting and BS’ng with my buddy:

Watch for reviews to follow.  They also use the live drink list app on Facebook (click here).


I like The Fur Shop for its atmosphere, friends I know that drink/work there, and obviously the beer.  They do have some events/regular weekly occurrences that should be observed. I will let you make up your mind if you want to patronize the bar.  It is just one of many places for me to go, and a lot, lot more places in T-Town now are offering Craft Beer.  To that end I am always on the search to find new places to go and enjoy my favorite malted beverage.

So go drink, relax and have ABigBeer.

Please give us some feedback or put in a comment below.

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Rock & Brews, OKC…

Okay, went to “The City” (Oklahoma City) for one of my Kid’s events.  It was up on the North side of the city and near where some old friends live.  Of course we let them know were in town and after the event my buddy, son, & I went to Rock & Brews out on Memorial Rd.

Franchise Location…

In their own words:

“Bring your family. Bring your friends. Bring your dog. Really!

Rock & Brews is rockin’ Oklahoma City with its quality American comfort food, local favorites and one of the area’s best selections of international and craft beers. The family-friendly restaurant’s two-story, 7,700 sq. ft., rock-inspired environment is a celebration of everything rock and roll. Guests are immersed in an atmosphere that is reminiscent of being a VIP at a great music event with an elevated truss system with concert lighting and sound, multiple screens with videos of the best concerts in music history, iconic rock art and a Great Wall of Rock that pays tribute to classic rock icons.

Located in the Quail Springs retail corridor, Rock & Brews in Oklahoma City is owned and operated by multi-unit franchise partner Kirk Williams. The restaurant features four full service bars with more than 52 beers on tap, specialty cocktails and premium wines; and, the ability to section off space for private dining and events. Both indoor and al fresco dining are available. And, with something for everyone, Rock & Brews offers a lively play area for children and the patio area is dog-friendly. Ample free parking is available.”

To me the interior is Rock & Roll Hall of Fame kitsch meets TGIFriday’s atmosphere with a bunch of beer on the menu.  Lots of rock videos, playing on lots of TV’s, and sound just about too loud, but not.


Laminated Menu
Full Beer menu
Current/Monthly Beer Menu Printed for Current List
Paper Beer Menu

They may have 52 beers on tap, or at least a facility to have that many on tap, but they didn’t have my first 3 picks off of their menus.  UGH!!!!  We sat down and first thing we did was review main full the beer menu.  First I picked the Tallgrass‘ Buffalo Sweat, did not have it.  Next I ordered Great Divide‘ Denver Pale Ale, also on the main beer menu… DID NOT HAVE.  Ugh!!!  Then we were assured that ordering from the paper monthly menu would be the way to go.  Those were printed for what they currently had on tap.  I looked it over and ordered Black Mesa‘s ESB.  It is served in a pint.  A very dark heavy beer served in a an 8 oz glass shows up.  It is Black Mesa’s Los Naranjos (click here for review).  I did call the waitress over to return it and let her know it was not the right beer.  I took a sip anyway and liked it a lot, as I figured I would, so at this point I was thirsty and just went with it.  Something was said about the ESB actually being out of stock and the Los Naranjos was put in its place on the order menu.  Hmmm… They were both listed on the paper menu.  You can draw your own conclusions about that statement.

Unfortunately I only got pictures of 2 of the 3 Beer menus at our table.  I do question some of the classifications of the beers.  On the third menu they had Rogue’s Dead Guy, a Miabock and a beer I have reviewed, listed as Malty & Dark.  I guess it could have been listed as that, but I wouldn’t have.

I did like that they had a range of local and regional craft beers on their menus.  That was probably the biggest plus to the beer menu that I saw.  If I was a regular I would probably like that they changed the menu often or maybe as often as they ran out of a pony kegs (joke) that they were ordering.  Even as a regular I still would not like that  the menu is not updated daily or at least more frequent than it seems.  We gave them a hard time about knowing what a printer was and how that a printer may be kept in an office.  They might even have one there.  It prints out words on paper and all…


Overall the experience ended up being good.  Once we decided to just get enough tastes of beers they did have on-site so that we could make up our mind on the next beer to order.  Yes, tastes were delivered easily and willingly to our table so we could make up our minds on the next round.  Many tastes were given and that helped to lighten the mood a lot.  On the next round I went with a Coop DNR (click here for review) and my buddy had a flight.

Kalli the waitress took a lot of grief from us for the beer menu mix ups and we just fell into a routine of giving her a hard time.  All good natured and she took it like a trooper.  Yes, we even apologized to her about doing it all in good fun.  She said she liked it and was sorry about the mix up early.

Food:  My buddy had some chicken wings off of the app menu that he liked.  My son and I split an order of fish & chips.  The fish could have been cooked a little longer to give the ample breading more crunch, fries were good, overall it was fair.


If we are up in that area it is a nice place to stop in and get a couple of brews.  It is definitely not a dive bar atmosphere with good beers that I like most.

As always… Relax, Don’t Worry, and have ABigBeer.