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If you are seeing this you deal with Technology.  I don’t think any of us are immune from technologies influence  everyday of our lives.  Following this blog’s definition of what technology is would mean no one on earth is immune to the it and hasn’t been since man started making tools.  So what is the technology we mean in this blog?  Everything is considered technology as far as this forum is concerned. So going from a stick used to help in planting seeds of the first farmers, or a stick to help in the hunting for food, up to the human colony on Mars… What you don’t know about that?  More on that later I am sure. (Kidding)

Granted it will probably be more in-tune with computer technologies, but one of our authors might find an ancient Phoenician Battery of such interest to write a post on it.  We are not limiting our interests to the technology that influences our lives in the modern world’s day-to-day living.  So enjoy the information provided here.  We hope that you find something of interest and benefit.

Sit Back, Relax, and have ABigBeer.

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