Stout Night – Belhaven Black Scottish Stout

Stout Night – Belhaven Black Scottish Stout

Stout Night – Belhaven Black Scottish Stout

Recently went out to have a drink with a few friends at McNellie’s South City here in Tulsa.  It is rated the best beer bar in Oklahoma.  A quick plug; lots of beer options, Beer Geek Specials that will bring you back, and a full restaurant if you are looking for food.  To see my full review of the beer bar click here.

While there I sampled 3 of the many Dark and Roasty (Stout) beers on hand:

Belhaven Black Scottish Stout

Beer Geek Special, March 2016, McNellie's

Beer Geek Special, March 2016, McNellie’s

Belhaven Black Stout

Belhaven Black Scottish Stout, SCT, ABV 4.2%

The Belhaven Black Scottish Stout was on special the day I visited McNellie’s and helped to set me on course for a night of stout beers.  I like stout beer so this wasn’t an issue that plagued me in the decision-making.  It was served from a can as shown in the picture and served a bit cold for my taste in beers. But all beers in America seem to be served too cold. As for the Belhaven Black Scottish Stout here are the particulars:

  • Style: English Stout, Not a very heavy beer.  I found it to actually be kind of watery for a stout.  When held to the light I could see light coming through it (coppery color).
  • Nitrogen Based rather than CO2 based.  I liked that aspect of it, smaller bubbles that helped to push flavor and a minor creamy feel.
  • Not much of a nose to it.  You could smell the malt and it gave off a sweet caramel smell to me.
  • Taste:  Sweet with a hint of chocolate flavors, I did not catch the coffee flavors others have reported.  If opportunity arises I may taste again.  I found it to be a little thin for my desires of a stout taste.  Not as much dark/burnt roasted malts as I would like to have.  It did have a smooth mouth feel and I figure that was from the nitrogen.  If it was a hot day and I wanted a beer with a little more taste than a pale ale it would probably be a decent choice, if no IPA’s were available.

Note: Do not confuse the Belhaven Black Scottish Stout with the Belhaven Scottish Stout, ABV 7%.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Other beers drank that night:

Reviews are posted for these beers, click abover.  Thanks for reading.  I am headed home to have ABigBeer and relax for the end of the day.

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