Prairie Brewpub… So Glad to See Ya!

I had a quick business meeting with some old friends/business partners and suggested we meet at the Prairie Artisan Ales‘ Brewpub.  The Brewpub had recently opened and having seen some articles from the local paper and posts on Facebook I knew that I needed to get there soon… Yes, needed, as in an imperative.

(Went back the other night with a friend.  There were some updates so see below.)


The Brewpub is located in the Brady District of Downtown Tulsa area.  It is great having more options such as this in Tulsa and especially in an area with a number of entertainment and dining options.  Helping to make the Brady District a destination.

Specifically the Brewpub is located across the street from the Vanguard and Hunt Clubs and down the street from Cain’s Ballroom.  What I would consider the middle the busiest part of the downtown entertainment district, with the Old Lady on Brady to the West and the Drillers’ Ballpark to the East.  Specifically it is located at:

223 N Main Street
Tulsa, OK
(918) 936-4395


There are laws being changed in Oklahoma and that also means changes to how breweries can sell their beer on site/cold.  So once those laws go into effect we should see the full Brewpub up and running and have more options. We hope that Growlers will be filled on site also. I know mine is needs to be filled soon. I may just have to run across the river to the Brewery to get it done.  The brewing is getting set up on the south side of the space.

In addition, the Brewpub in a grand fashion has food.  There are options of traditional bar food and even some selections from another notable restaurant in town, Burn Co Ribs.  We had the chicken cheese fries and they had a nice spicy bite to them.  Very Good suggestion from our server Andi.  She did a great job taking care of all of her customers.

Atmosphere & Taps…

PB Inside2The center piece of the bar is the Huge Barrel housing customized taps with the bar surrounding it.

Multiple areas in and around the bar are available for you or your group:

  1. Bar Area – The bar where you can sit and a few long/tall tables that accommodate large or multiple parties.
  2. Dining area North of the bar.  Table service for the food menu, most of the tables 4 tops.
  3. PB Inside1More intimate seating area around the fireplace south of the bar.  Reminiscent of a coffee-house seating with couches and stuffed chairs.
  4. To the south of the building is an outside bier garden between the buildings.  Well done but with the heat of OK it will probably only be populated on cool night.
  5. Meeting Room on the north side.  A glass room like a fishbowl.  Visible from the street.  Would be a good place for a meeting.  Missed this the first time. (update)

This is not a dive bar, it is a brewpub and as such is clean and crisp. It does not have the feel of an old warehouse building redone into a bar/brewpub.  There are more pictures on their Facebook page (excuse me for grabbing a couple to use here).


What I found unique about the brewpub was that they had other regional craft beer options available on tap.  Did I drink any of them?  No, stuck with Prairie this visit but may in future visits.  I only had 2 beers on this trip.  It was for a business meeting after all:

The most up to date draft menu is posted to a couple of chalk board areas on either side of the bar.  Use these to make sure a beer is available off of the provided paper menus.

Beer BoardBeer Menu1Beer Menu2







Knowing that Prairie does their experimentation and beer development across the river, at their Brewery, and most of their major production at other facilities, I am really looking forward to see if they do some small batch experimentation at this site in the future.  I would love to have a chance to taste and critique a small barrel batch of an experimental brew someday.  (If anyone knows the size of the system being installed please let us know in the comments.)

Update, Flights:  On the first trip they did not have flights of beers.  On our second visit they had just started them that night, essentially while we were sitting at the bar.  If you want to do some tasting this would be the way to go.  Here is their flight menu:

PAA Flights


GO… Go often and enjoy the quality beer, food, and atmosphere at this brewpub.  This is going to be a place that will definitely be a destination to visit when visiting the district for a night of concerts, craft beer, dining, vodka, etc…  I believe it will only get better with time.

So sit back, relax and drink ABigBeer at the Brewpub.

Please give us your thoughts in the comments below or send us some feedback.

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