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Alright this may seem completely out-of-pocket for the rest of this blog site.  Why have a category dedicated strictly to fictional stories on a beer blog?  I agree it is off base.  That does not mean don’t do it.  So a little background on why this category exists.  A few of the authors and hopefully more to come are gamer friends.  I almost said old gamer friends, but I don’t want to label us all.  I am old most days now.  As gamer geeks we have had a writing group in the past to share our experiences and thoughts on characters/games we were playing.  It allowed us to have a richer experience in the games.  Don’t judge our geekiness.

So this is storytelling for the pure enjoyment of writing it and having others read it.  We hope to get opinions on the stories and critiques that will help make them better reads.  Don’t believe that this all has to do with past gaming efforts.  This is for fictional writing and is there for any of the authors to tell a story that they desire.

We may eventually add sub-categories to this area or strip this category off to another blog site.  That depends on the volume of posts and followers.  Breaking it down into categories would be to help aid the blog’s readers in finding the stories they want to read.  I could see a set of categories such as:

  • Fantasy
  • Science Fiction (Not the same as Fantasy people)
  • Crime Fiction
  • Everyday Life Fiction/Short Story
  • Horror/Suspense
  • Western

I really am not sure where it will go. Will there be multiple chapters/continuing story lines?  Will they all be short stories unrelated?  That is all up to the authors and what mood they are in.  We just hope that this site provides an outlet for the creative desire as it strikes the author.

So sit back, relax, read and have ABigBeer.


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