Shipyard’s Monkey Fist IPA 3.5/5…

Shipyard’s Monkey Fist IPA 3.5/5…

Shipyard’s Monkey Fist IPA 3.5/5…

Shipyard’s Monkey Fist IPA 3.5/5…

Last Friday it was one of those nights where I did not feel like cooking.  It had been a “week” and I just wanted someone else to bring me a meal.  Did not figured I would get the Kid or House Mate to do it (not that I asked)… So pizza ordered and delivered. I also wanted to have a beer to go with it, so went to the fridge and selected Shipyard’s Monkey Fist IPA. (ABV 6.9% IBUs 67.5)  I had some beers from a local liquor store that has a pick 6 incentive already in the fridge.

From the Brewer

Monkey Fist IPA Beer

Poured and Ready to Drink

“Monkey Fist is the name of a knot tied at the end of a sailor’s rope to serve as a weight and make it easier to throw.”

Shipyard Monkey Fist IPA is edgy, aggressive and unique in style. This beer is brilliant copper in color and exploding with flavorful hop character but able to maintain a beautiful balance.

2-Row British Pale Ale, Malted Wheat, Munich, Crystal, Caramalt

Chinook, Cascade

ABV 6.9% IBUs 67.5


My Tasting

Cracked open the beer and poured it into a no stem wine glass.  I like it for tasting as it is not straight sides.  I found it to have a slight Hoppy Nose from the first sniff, nothing strong or overpowering.

The first taste met the IPA expectations of the beer with a Hop forward profile, little more bitter as it should be.  I did not get much malt or yeast taste out of it until the aftertaste.  Then some of the sweet undertones from the malt came through.  There was a good nose while drinking and carbonation held up through out the glass.  It went well with the pizza too.  The carbonation added to the mouth feel of the beer and gave it a good refreshing feel while drinking.

The color of the beer was copper in look and there was a cold haze to mine.  Sorry the picture is a bit dark.  Overall there was a solid hop forward and bitter aspect to the beer during the tasting.


Tasted as expected for an IPA, nothing overly special. I do like that Shipyard kept with a nautical theme for naming its beers.  Monkey Fist is a great name too.

A beer I would drink again if only large commercial brewer’s beers were available or nothing else new there to try.  Will give it a 3.5 out of 5.  So relax, don’t worry, and have ABigBeer.  Or 2.

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