Marshall’s Black Dolphin Imperial Stout… 4/5

So this is the final review out of four beers I had while out drinking with my buddy at The Fur Shop (see review of bar here) in downtown Tulsa.  Marshall Brewing Company‘s Black Dolphin Stout is one I have had several times while at The Fur Shop and is from a local Tulsa brewery.

From the Brewery? Nope…

Marshall Black Dolphin StoutThere isn’t any information on the Black Dolphin Stout on Marshall’s website (at least not when I started this review).  I was able to find one page (here) talking about a kickoff event for it back in Feb. 2015. Nothing actually said about the beer.  It would be nice to have some info because you can still buy the beer locally, even if it was a seasonal offering (brewed at least 2 seasons).  I hope past offerings will eventually be listed under their beers section.  I have collected the following information from around the web.

Tulsa World Beer Blog post describes as:

“Black Dolphin is a Russian imperial stout that has been aged for about four months in whiskey barrels. At 9 percent alcohol by volume, it is definitely a stout beer. With a rich, roasted flavor and great malty taste, Black Dolphin is a great beer selection for this time of year.”


“Whiskey barrel aged Russian Imperial Stout. Named for the world most severe maximum security prison in Russia.”

ABV: 8.3-9%


First off served in a shaker glass, with a nutty brown head that did dissipate.  A dark/stout/black-brown in color beer with plenty of malt smell. The barrel aging added some unique flavors to the drink and really brings a nice extra taste to the beer.  There is that hint of a kick that you get from taking a shot of whiskey when you look for it. To me the flavors that come out the most are of the dark roasted malts, chocolates and vanilla.  I did not get much of a hop feel from the beer.

Although the head disappeared the carbonation stayed with the beer throughout the drinking. Giving it a good rich/creamy mouth feel at the start of the drink.  Not as rich and creamy as a regular stout throughout because the Imperial comes through with the higher ABV and dryer finish to the drink.


The higher ABV did give it a bit of a kick.  Not a beer I would have more than 2 of in a short period of time.  Luckily it was the last beer of the night at The Fur Shop.  I have had this beer more than once and like it for an Imperial Stout.  I would love to have a taste test of a beer barrel aged and not barrel aged side by side sometime. I will have to start watching the local breweries to see if this options appears on their schedule. I rated this beer a 4 out of 5.  It appeals to my tastes.

So sit back, relax and have ABigBeer.

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