Lot 6 – Premier Art Bar

Lot 6 – Premier Art Bar

Lot 6 – Premier Art Bar

Lot 6 – Premier Art Bar

A favorite beer/bar-tender and favorite bar owner (Vanessa) posted on Facebook the other day about some new beers she had available.  She opened early that day, I was available to go see her, and sample a new beer, so off I went to Lot 6 – Tulsa’s Premier Art Bar.  (I know local bar review, but if you are ever in Tulsa and looking for a place to visit where you will be welcomed like a regular, this is it.)

Bar Particulars

Lot 6

Out Front at Lot 6, 6th & Quaker

Lot 6 is one of my favorite downtown Tulsa Area bars, located in the Pearl District on the East side of downtown (6th & Quaker). It is a full liquor and bottled beer bar(no Draft).

Lot 6 is a Non-Smoking, Vape Friendly Art bar. What is an Art Bar?  For Lot 6 it means it is an art gallery to local artists.  Each month Vanessa finds a local artist and presents their portfolio for sale in a gallery show setting.  This is a unique venue that supports many local artists through the year.  A new art show is presented each First Friday of the month to coincide with an Art Crawl that occurs across the downtown area.  Lot 6 has won a number of Local People’s Choice Awards for its art venue and other activities.

Don’t think that Lot 6 is some type of artsy pretentious venue where you would not be welcome to ride up in your leathers to have a beer.  It typically has a laid back attitude of a dive bar or a local neighborhood bar when visiting.  Through the week many events do occur at the venue that can change the atmosphere from dive bar to music venue to Gallery to Karaoke Heaven in a single night.  Having experienced this is what makes it one of my favorite places to sit and drink with friends (regulars).

Vanessa has recently added a permanent covered seating area out front.  Very nice for patrons that like to step out for a few minutes and not feel like they have left the bar.  In addition to Karaoke, Live Music, and Jukebox there is always a special activities going on during the week.  This week was a Bloody Mary contest.  Another thing I enjoy is that she has acquired a shuffleboard that is open for play.  You just don’t find those available in other bars these days.


Beer Menu

Lot 6 Beer Menu, Frequently Updated

Lot 6 is not a large bar and does not have a huge area available for storing/chilling a big variety of craft brews.  That does not mean that it doesn’t make excellent advantage of the space that is available.  Since it opened there has always been an updated beer menu(current select, see pic) available for the patrons when they enter.  The bar stocks more than the default options that many would think would be there for a location of it’s size. Stocking some unique beers provides the discriminating beer drinker options at very reasonable prices.  Some of my favorite include the Left Hand Milk Stout and Warsteiner Dunkle.

On this day I had one of the new beers available, and for me an old standard:

Click the links above for their reviews.


I know you may be reading this from another part of the country. Not thinking about coming to Tulsa for a while, or if ever, but should you ever find yourself in our little city you now know a gem of a place to visit and feel welcome in. The selection of beer is decent and updated frequently to keep you coming back over and over.  The art changes monthly so there is always something new to see and there are always new activities available to draw you back.

So stop in and have one, sit back, relax and drink ABigBeer.

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