Black Mesa’ Los Naranjos…  Coffee Stout 4/5

Black Mesa’ Los Naranjos… Coffee Stout 4/5

Black Mesa’ Los Naranjos…  Coffee Stout 4/5

Black Mesa’ Los Naranjos… Coffee Stout 4/5

Recently I went to “The City”, Oklahoma City, and grabbed a couple of beers at Rock & Brews (click to see review). While there I had Black Mesa’ seasonal coffee stout, Los Naranjos.  Read on…

From the Brewer & Roaster

Coffee Stout

Los Naranjos


Los Naranjos is our 3rd and current collaboration with Oklahoma City’s beloved Elemental Coffee Roasters.  The stout is brewed with de-bittered black malts that do not compete with the Columbian Naranjos coffee bean known for its silky body, big tangerine acidity, and cocoa finish. Available on draft in November and in bottles in December 2015.

Elemental’s Sheer Roast


There is good complexity and there is bad complexity, algebra equations being the bad kind. Sheer is the good kind, promising transparency through the complexity.

  • Location: Uganda, Sipi Falls
  • Elevation: 1500-2500 m
  • Processing: Fully Washed


Pulling from Untappd the ABV of this beer is 8%.  I don’t have an IBU number for this beer, it was not bitter to me.  At least not to a devout coffee lover who likes his hot, black, and bitter (or Irish).  The head was a light mocha color that dissipated quickly.  It was not highly carbonated and barely noticed it through the drink.  The nose was of a malty sweet smell and I did not pick up any hop smell. Initial taste was of a chocolate and coffee flavor with a fairly rich and smooth mouth feel.  There were some subtle notes of black malt or roasted barley in the background.  I have had richer mouth feeling beers but not many.

Overall I really like this beer and would drink again when in the mood and available.


I gave the beer a 4 out of 5 rating when I was drinking it. I would have probably given it higher if I had actually ordered it to begin with (see Rock & Brews review).  I really liked the smooth taste and full body of the beer.  Too bad it is just a seasonal beer and will soon be gone.  Another winner for a Oklahoma Based Brewery.  I really need to get by the brewery and tour.  Not only that I need a pound of Elemental’s coffee to drink in the mornings.

So remember to relax, no-worries, and have ABigBeer.

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