The Holts… Chapter 10

The Holts… Chapter 10

The Holts… Chapter 10

Chapter 10 – Breakout?

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    Kelvin turned and looked at Donni. They both broke out laughing. Donni pointed at the keys, hanging on the wall, “There’s the keys, little brother.”

    Kelvin looked at them doubtfully, “I don’t know, Donni. Carlton said you was to stay here.”

    Donni grinned,”I’ll come back. I just want to go see Phoebe.”

    Kelvin frowned, “What? Why?”

    Donni sighed and shook his head,”I just want to be neighborly. She brought me a meal a while ago and talked for a while. She’s real pretty.  Besides I think the friends of that cowboy are going to make trouble for them.  Somebody needs to watch out for them.  The sheriff is too busy locking up Innocent people.”

    “Do you even know where their spread is at?  How will you find it at night? Isn’t it too late to be going out there?”

   Donni thought for a bit, “Well there is that.  Hmm… I will ask the stable boy where to go.  They always know where everyone lives right?  Come on open it up, I got to get out there quick if I am going to get back quick.”

    Kelvin thought about it, “Yeah, there is that.  Do ya promise to come back?”

    Donni snorted,”Of course, I wouldn’t lie to you, Kelvin, besides where would I go? You and Carlton are here in town. Now quit being stubborn and open this door!”

    Kelvin grinned and walked over to the keys, “Okay.”

    Kelvin unlocked the cell door and Donni walked out. He pulled on his coat and hat, “Come on. Let’s get oughta here. I bet we can be back before morning.”

    Kelvin shook his head, “Uh unh. I’m not going with you.  I’ll stay here. That deputy’s gonna come back in a bit. He will be pretty upset and will wake the whole town.  No need to get Carlton up and involved, so I’ll stay here… uh, like I’m taking your place,” he finished with a bright smile.

    “Don’t be dumb, Kelvin! Let’s go. Besides I may need your help finding Phoebe’s place and what if there is trouble?” Donni said.

    They both heard the front door open and stood there frozen as Sheriff Morgan walked in.

    He pulled his gun in a fluid fast-draw and leveled it at the brothers, “You two just hold it right there. One move and I’ll blow ya in two!”

    Donni looked up at the ceiling, “You just had to stay here an argue. ‘I’ll stay here, Donni!'” he mimicked Kelvin’s voice and raised his arms.

    Kelvin looked hurt, “I didn’t know he was comin’, Donni!” he protested.  “If I did I wouldn’t have let you out.”

    Donni turned around and walked back into the jail cell. He sat down on his bunk and laid back, pulling his hat over his eyes. The sheriff motioned towards the cell with his gun, “You too, ya little jail-breaker. I think there’s probably room in there for the both of you.”

    “But, sheriff… I didn’t break him out of jail… the keys were just hanging there. He was coming back!” Kelvin said horrified. “I wasn’t even going to leave, I was going to stay here in his place. Honest.”

    The sheriff shook his head, “Well now that’s a real good story, but it don’t cut the mustard. Get in there!” he said harshly.

    Kelvin looked helplessly at Donni, “Tell him Donni! I didn’t do anything! Tell him!”

    Donni didn’t even raise his hat, “Oh, he’s a real desperado, sheriff! He took every cent your deputy had, and forced half a bottle of whiskey down him and sent him for more. Then he volunteered to stay here while I went out visiting. I’d watch him real close, they don’t come any dumber. He might hurt himself.”

    Kelvin, “Shut up Donni!”

    The sheriff shook his head, perplexed, “You two quit jawin. Now get in there!” Kelvin, his head hanging, walked into the cell. The sheriff slammed it noisily and turned the key. He walked over to his desk, tossed the keys on it, and sat down in his chair fuming.  Where the hell was Billy?  He had better be safe.


    Kelvin walked over to Donni on the bunk, “Move over.”

    Donni raised his hat and glared at him, “You just stay away. You’re a desperate outlaw… I don’t want any of your bad luck rubbing off.”

    Kelvin shouted at him,”Dammit, Donni! That isn’t fair.” He jumped on the bunk and pulled Donni off onto the floor. They rolled around fighting for a few seconds, slamming into the sides of the cell, rattling the walls.

    The sheriff ran to the cell door, “Cut it out!” he roared. Kelvin rolled over and looked at him, blinking wide eyed.  As soon as they stopped fighting the sheriff returned to his desk in an even fouler mood than before.  These boys were nothing but trouble.  This proved it again.  The judge should just hang them for being a nuisance and general pain.

    Donni started laughing and crawled back on to the bunk,”Told you, you were bad luck.”

    Kelvin gave him a dirty look as he stood up, “Shut up… it’s your fault I’m in here. You and you’re stupid women!” Donni just grinned and pulled his hat back down. There was a few moments of silence as Kelvin stood and stared at Donni trying to figure out what to do, “Donni,” Kelvin said in a small voice.

    Donni lifted his hat, “What?”

    “Can I have some of the bunk?”

    Donni groaned and moved over, “Sure.”

    Kelvin sat down and smiled at him, “Thanks.” Kelvin laid back and heaved a sigh then sat up straight, “Sheriff?”

    “What,” Morgan yelled.  Would they every get quiet and sleep it off?

    Kelvin walked over to the cell door. He shook his sleeve and a double-barreled derringer fell out into his palm, “I forgot about this.” The sheriff stared at him through the doorway, from the desk, for a long minute then walked over and quietly took it away. He went back to his desk and watched as Kelvin happily walked over and laid down beside Donni. The sheriff stared at them for a long time then looked at the derringer. Sweat broke out on his forehead and he took a shaky breath. Damn he was getting old.  Maybe they weren’t so bad.  He poured a cup of coffee and drank it slowly.  He didn’t know what to make of these boys.

    The door opened and Billy weaved in with an almost fresh bottle of whiskey.  It had at least a few chugs drank off of it. He stopped when he saw the sheriff sitting there. “Uh, sheriff… what, what’re you doing here?”

    Morgan stared at him, “Thought you might have some problems. Go home and sleep it off, Billy. I’ll talk to you tomorrow.” Billy set the bottle down and left. At least he was still alive, Morgan thought.  That was one less worry.  The sheriff turned down the lamps and locked the door. After he sat down and rested his rifle across his knees.  It was going to be a long night and he could hear whispering from the cell.  Those two had better settle down quickly.

    “Sheriff?” Kelvin queried.

    “What now?” Morgan replied in frustration.

    “Can we have the whiskey?”

    Morgan closed his eyes in frustration and took a couple deep breaths.  Shook his head in the dark and silence, then slammed the door closed to the cells.

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