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Here is the obligatory first post in this Beer category. What is the focus of this blog category and is it something you will want to continue reading? Well I hope it is a bit obvious, but these are the questions to answer in this first post. As with any subject, when you have a passion for it, the topics can be very diverse and far-reaching. We are not looking to limit this category to just one thing on the BEER topic. We are looking to hold the posts in this category to one topic; BEER.

What we plan from the start:

Reviews of Beers: Yep, this is expected to be the mainstay for the posts in this subject area. We will give our opinions of the beers we have sampled. If you find that you have the same taste in beer as the author then you may find a number of new beers that will fit your taste as more reviews are added. To that end we do not expect that all of our authors will have the same taste in beers. (Note to Breweries: We can be bribed to review your beer… Just send us beer and we will drink it.)

Beer Knowledge:   We are planning on passing along the knowledge we have garnered over time from the love of our consumption pleasures.  These posts will probably include some history and maybe some unknown facts extracted from the dark recesses of our minds.  So don’t expect much on general knowledge, because we were probably drinking when we learned it.

Brewing: A few of us brew. So adding our tips and techniques or even some discussion of things we have had happen to us is worthy of a read for the brewers out there. There may be some real horror stories posted that will hopefully keep you from making the same mistakes.

Brewery/Beer Bar Visits:  Nothing better than dropping by a brewery and meeting the brewmiester.  A recounting of tastings and atmosphere of the stop will be presented.  It may inspire you to take a roadtrip.  I know I am ready for some windshield time to seek out the wild brew.  Hitting an impressive Beer Bar may also occur.

Is it something readers will want to continue reading?

As the topic of beer enjoyment evolves, new authors get added, life happens, the topics mentioned above will likely change.  Always remember you can send requests as well. We are willing to explore topic requests.

You will have noticed that I have said WE a lot in the discussion above.  The plan is to include multiple authors on this site.  The reason being it is easier to have active and ongoing content when more people are submitting.  It may also give us all varying view points on some of the same specific topics presented.  So sit back relax and have A Big Beer.

Enjoy your stay.

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