Buffalo Butt… Beer from the Crack? 3.5/5

Had some leftover pizza for dinner and what best to go with pizza? Beer.  In this case the American Amber/Red Ale Buffalo Butt beer from Rahr & Sons.  An American Amber/Red Ale is classified as a catch-all for beers that do not fit the pale and can’t be classified as a Dark beer.  Typically a balance between hop and malt with maybe a bit more malt in most.

From the Brewery…

Everything it's cracked up to be
Buffalo Butt

“A group of cowboys hanging out at one of the many bars in Fort Worth’s “Hell’s Half Acre” would quench their thirst while telling tales of their buffalo hunting days. When one of the cowboys said a nice, cold beer was the only thing that could make him forget the sight of a buffalo’s butt, the local brewmaster laughed and vowed to create a beer to commemorate the posterior of the majestic beast. Today, Rahr & Sons Brewing Co. continues this tradition with our own recipe for Buffalo Butt beer – a rich, amber lager that doesn’t require months on a dusty trail to be enjoyed.

  • ABV: 5%
  • IBUS: 27
  • Color/SRM: Amber
  • Hop Varieties: Warrior, Tettnanger
  • Serving Temp:  45 F

Food Pairings:  Buffalo Butt pairs well with Cajun and Mexican food. Of course we also think it’s the perfect beer to be served with a rump roast, but that’s only because we’ve never really grown up.”

The Tasting…

After the pour the head on the beer was decent and the amber color was almost a surprise.  I really wasn’t sure what the beer would be prior to pouring.  I immediately got a hit of hops from the nose that faded as time went on.  Upon first taste the hops and bitterness were present with a hint of the darker roasted malts in the background.  A pleasant accompaniment with the leftover pizza.  I sent a text with the bottle pic to one of my fellow imbibers and then went and looked up the website.  I noticed the serving temp so I decided to let it sit for a bit and warm (which I normally let a beer warm before finishing anyway).  I noticed the carbonation held in fine and the hop bitterness and smell dissipated a lot as it got warmer.  May have just been the hops wearing down.  Overall when it got a bit warmer the malt really came out more and a sweetness grew with the flavors of the malt become more prominent.  Got a text back and we discussed to essentially the same rating as I was giving it.


I picked this beer up from a U-Pick 6 at a local liquor store.  Not a huge selection in beers but still decent enough to easily get 6 that I wanted to try.  Still have a few to drink and review.   As for the “Buffalo Butt, Everything It’s Cracked Up To Be”, it was a good beer that got better with the drinking.  Mainly because it was much better after it had warmed up a little, as suggested by the brewer per the serving temp. I give it a 3.5 out of 5 and is a beer I would drink again.  Note; the beer bottle is not labeled with any beer style that I could find.  So that may throw some confusion to the consumer/purchaser.

So sit back, relax, and have ABigBeer.

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