Best Beer Bar in Oklahoma? – McNellie’s South

Best Beer Bar in Oklahoma? – McNellie’s South

Best Beer Bar in Oklahoma? – McNellie’s South

I received a call from a friend coming into Tulsa from the City (OKC for none Okies) and he wanted to go out and have a drink.  Perfect opportunity to go visit Oklahoma’s Best Beer Bar… OK, you may think I am just saying that because it is my favorite.  Wrong! My buddy Bill from the Burgh sent me the following article and I am going by their ranking (}.

In the 2016 Great American Beer Bar’s competition, expanded its search to name the best beer bar in every state and Washington, D.C.

Source: Great American Beer Bars 2016 |

I hope to hear from many of you around the country on your local beer bars, as for my impression of McNellie’s South, read on.

To provide everyone with an impression on how they have dedicated themselves to the beer culture I snagged one of the handy beer menus on every table.  Yeah, I know you might think I shouldn’t have done that, but they print them off each month with specials, etc.  I figured I might as well snag one and use it for here since they are paper and throw away as they get spilled on or age out at the end of the month.  There were also many of them on every table available for patrons.  Here is a scan of the menu:


McNellie’s South Menu Page 1


McNellie’s South Menu Page 2

Menu Page 3

McNellie’s South Menu Page 3

Menu Page 4

McNellie’s South Menu Page 4






So now it is also on-line and an advertising for them.  I don’t think they will mind I took one.  I also plan on using it to assist me in my endevor to drink many more unique beers to review.

First a quick note about the outside. I have been to the location a number of times (more for past businesses).  I really wish they would bulldoze and redo the traffic flow in the parking lot.  I have always hated it.  That doesn’t really have anything to do with the bar/restaurant and drinking, just my opinion.  As I was walking into the place the following sign was sitting outside the front door.


McNellie’s South City, Tulsa, OK’s Best Beer Bar

Beer Geek Special, March 2016, McNellie's

Beer Geek Special, March 2016, McNellie’s

Bingo, decision made on first beer and  I knew I was in for a stout kind of night.  I will be putting up a different post for my night’s beers.  This is one of the weekly specials as you can see on the above menu.  I entered and headed straight for the Bar.  It is centrally located and takes up a large amount of space in the overall building’s common area, as it should in my opinion.

Looking around the entire location it has a number of areas available for the various clientele that comes to enjoy the bar & restaurant. Note, as it is a full restaurant it is not age limited in the dining area, so realize that children may be present.  Overall the inside portrays a pub type of feel to it.  It does this with a lot of hardwoods on the walls and wooden furniture.  The decor on the walls also pushes the pub atmosphere. There is even a set of Beer Club Mugs hanging about the walls of the entire place.  This gives the impression of a neighborhood bar with regulars.  Granted regulars do probably attend, but this is also a high traffic restaurant.  So if you are looking for small intimate location with a bunch of beer drinking regulars, it really did not give me that impression.

There were two other places of interest inside; the fireplace room & the snug.  The fireplace room can accommodate small groups of around 20 for a more private setting.  The snug on the other hand is an enclosed table/booth for about 8 people.  It has a small window that opens to the bar where orders can be placed and received.  It provides the most private place in the bar.

McNellie’s South is the second McNellie’s location in Tulsa, located in a more affluent South Tulsa area of town and not the city’s bar district.  The original McNellie’s is downtown is in the bar/entertainment district.  Personally I like drinking/going out in the downtown area better. There are a couple of bars in the downtown entertainment district that have some good beers, but the vast majority of selection and catering to beer lovers shown in McNellie’s South City makes this a great place for beer drinkers.

McNellie’s South City, Tulsa OK

7031 S. Zurich Ave, Tulsa, OK 74136

The cost of beer is reasonable, especially for the variety available.  I do like it here and will be patronizing it for the great variety of beers.

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