Sixpoint Brewery’s – Bengali IPA – 4.725+/5

Stopped though the Midtown Liquor Store to do some beer shopping for the house and picked up a 6 of Bengali IPA. Why?  Because I like IPA and had never had it before… Good choice.   The Bengali IPA is classified as an American IPA, more flavor than the English version with floral/citric hops and flavor, medium bodied.

From the Brewery…


“…While we could suggest what food this beer pairs well with,
or which glass to serve it in, the most important thing to remember is: even though we may take beer very seriously, we don’t take ourselves too seriously. It’s Mad Science.”
  • ABV 6.5%
  • IBU 69
  • SRM 11


So here is my take on the salient points of the tasting…

  1. Pour:  A orangish brown pour.
  2. Head:  An off-white to light tan head with a good lacing appearance.  The pour was into a traditional pint glass with an initial ½ inch of head that lasted for the first 3 to 4 swallows, at least 90 seconds, and then dissipated to just the rim edge.
  3. Nose:  An IPA that hearkens to a traditional English nose with plenty of malt.  Yet there was no doubt of the IPA and a hoppy aroma that is big but subtle.
  4. Taste 1: The first taste is floral hop that stays steady with a sweet malt and finishes balanced, with a medium bitterness.
  5. Taste 2: It was full-bodied with caramel flavor supported by a strong foundation of rich malts.
  6. Carbonation:  It was mildly carbonated and remained good throughout the drink.
  7. Mouth Feel:  Smooth soft feel.


Being a mad scientist… or at least a mildly irritated scientist on a bad day, I like the description of the beer.  I also liked the beer a lot.  I rate it a 4.72569318 out of 5 (like I said, I’m a scientist).  This is a beer I have put on my drink again list and I suggest you go find it yourself.  You can’t have any of mine.

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