Welcome to A Big Beer’s site.  Relax have A Big Beer, look around, read and hopefully learn something you are interested in.  This site has been set up to provide information on a focused yet diverse set of Categories.  It will be wide open in those specific areas.  It is hoped that each Author added to the site will bring a new focus and perspective to the topics and maybe add new Categories/Subcategories.

Authors that are active and contributing will share in any revenue generated from the site base on contribution level.  If you are interested in contributing please contact the administrator (admin@abigbeer.com) for additional information.  What benefit you get as an Author is not having to manage your own website, collaboration with other authors and revenue.

Remember… sit back, relax, read and have A Big Beer.

A BIG BEER Philosophy

What we mean by “sit back, relax, read and have A Big Beer”.  It is a catch phrase for the website.  We mean enjoy the site and interact with other members in the manner that you want.  Now what you do as adults of legal age in the comfort of your own home relative to consuming alcoholic beverages is up to you.  We do our own thing and don’t expect you to do any different.