Hi and Welcome to the A Big Beer site.  You are probably thinking that this site is all about BEER.  Well YES and NO.  This site provides an outlet for its Authors to discuss some of their thoughts on many topics.  Such as:


  • Beer – Yep anything from Reviews (Beers or Breweries), Discussions of Events, Brewing, so yes there are discussions on Beer.
  • Cooking – Hahahaha… Sorry but this is not fine dining. This is quick and dirty College Kid/Single Dude, Mac & Cheese/Ramen Survival Techniques. Well it may have some fine dining.
  • Life – Sometimes you just need to Express yourself.  A little more insight into the lives of the Authors.  None of us are one-dimensional, no matter how much easier that would be.
  • Our Fiction – Fictional story telling by our authors.
  • Technology – Hey we all deal with Technology. Obvious or you would not be here.

Then at the end of the day stop, relax, sit-down, and have A BIG BEER.  Enjoy the read.

You can find the Categories to the right.  Click on the Category you wish to read and enjoy!

More information on the individual Authors on the Authors page.  See About page if you would like to contribute.

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